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Levi’s 50th Anniversary of the Iconic original Denim Jacket

There is something happening in the fashion world, as time goes by denim assortments continue to show their versatility on the catwalks, at music festivals, trade shows, at the office and even at red-carpet events. Denim has reached a point where its versatility allows you to wear it year round, almost anywhere.

And, when you are talking about denim, one item that ticks the boxes for being iconic, versatile and a fashion staple is none other than the original Levis denim jacket. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the original denim jacket, Levi’s has chosen 50 icons from around the globe to share their stories about the impact of Levi’s in their lives (and closets). The 50 mega stars were also invited to customize Type III trucker jackets of their very own, how cool is that?

It doesn’t get any more DIY than this, check out a few of our favourite talented participants below.

Snoop Dogg- rapper/singer/songwriter/ record producer- “The 501 jeans are my favourite of all time. Those other brands could never outlast Levi’s. I just wanted to solidify the whole understanding that Levi’s, West Coast gangsta music are brothers and sisters. They go hand-in-hand.

Solange Knowles- singer/songwriter/artist/model/actress – Inspired by James Flemons designs ‘Phelmus X Saint Heron for Levi’s’

Virgil Abloh- designer/DJ/founder of Milan-based label Off-White- “My inspiration was to give a masculine trucker a feminine feel”

Feng Chen Wang- Fashion designer-“I love to collect vintage clothes because you don’t need to create stories about them. They tell their own stories. My creation is collectively telling their stories and memories from the past 50 years in one piece.”

Chance The Rapper- rapper/singer/songwriter/record producer- “I can’t go a day without rocking my truck. I’ll throw it on over my shoulders, rock it on my arm, maybe tie it around my waist on a warm day.”

Diplo- DJ/songwriter/ record producer- “Along with the space references, Diplo’s custom jacket goes in deep on the 1980s vibe, which actually suits those space references quite well. Because the space shuttle in the 1980s was pretty big.”

Karlie Kloss- model/entrepreneur- “My first Trucker was my mom’s vintage Levi’s oversized jacket from the 1970s that my sisters and I all worshipped. It’s a timeless wardrobe essential, and I love keeping it ultra comfortable and super chic.”

Nick Sullivan- fashion director for Esquire- “My mum bought me this terrible cheap local English version, and it made me realize that it’s no good having a facsimile of something, you want the real thing.”

Romee Strijd- model and Victoria’s Secret Angel- “My mom thought it would look cool. She saw it in a magazine and she was like, ‘let’s go for a denim jacket.’ I like to mix it with black leather pants or lately, i even like denim-on-denim.”

Christine Centenera- fashion director of Vogue Australia- “Deconstructed Levi’s are such a thing right now, so I tried to think of something completely different to that, because I wear them all the time now.”

Lorena Saravia Leon Larregui- Designer- “In the end, its a jacket that is never going to lose its ‘in-fashion’ when its something that is multifaceted.”

Carla Fernandez- fashion designer- “I can’t even tell you when I got my first one. I just remember always having one. I like action clothes that allow you to do many things. You can wear it on stage and jump around, or go to the filed and have a picnic.”

Raul Alvarez- designer/fashion editor for ELLE Mexico- “Personally, I have love for the classic and the Trucker goes with everything.”

Molotov-rock band/musicians- “If you convey something honestly, that transcends generations, that transcends fashions.”

Anarchy- MC/ hip-hop artist- “What I like best about the Trucker jacket is that I can wear it with anything. I can wear it camo pants, plaid pants, and not just pants but patterned tops, colors, literally anything. James Dean has done quite a job with this. Every kid saw him wearing Levi’s and that image has been handed down for generations, just like my father did with me.”

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